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Ideaframe Ideaframe
The Ideaframe is an extremely lightweight and portable whiteboard, that is magnetic and rewritable. The Ideaframe has adhesive straps on its back so you can adhere it to the design thinking shelf „Teamboard“ or to specifically prepared walls. With its handy size it can be carried around easily. 4-8 Ideaframes per design thinking table „Teamdesk“...
From € 93.50 *
magnotes magnotes
So take us at our word: The magnetic back of the magnotes allows you to actually throw your thoughts at any magnetic surface, such as our Ideaframes, from a distance of one or two meters. This guarantees a lot of fun during your next creative session. There are also two serious advantages to this playful idea: On the one hand the magnotes are...
From € 9.25 *
Fiber-tip pen Fiber-tip pen
To describe your Ideaframes or magnotes as you wish, we offer you the matching water-soluble fiber-tip pens in black. Details: Package content: 4 pieces Delivery period: 1 week
€ 10.60 *